Walton Dental Surgery Uses iTero 3D Scanner For Precision Cosmetic Dentistry

At Walton Dental Surgery, we are always keen to offer the best possible dental treatment to our patients. Therefore, we are delighted to announce our investment in the latest technology for 3D teeth scanning. Such scanners are also called intra-oral scanners. Our investment in the iTero intra-oral scanner will deliver a faster, more comfortable, more reliable and more precise dental treatment due to the remarkable 3D visualisation capabilities made possible with modern digital technology. The new technology allows us to deliver dentistry with pinpoint accuracy by using optical and laser scanning combined with the digital processing of 3D images. We are now living in the digital age where it is possible for a dentist to take an exact 3D image of the inside of a patient’s mouth. The iTero Scanner captures almost immaculate images of the patient’s teeth and gum tissues. The digital tools help create an improved workflow. Aligners, retainers, dental appliances and teeth restorations can be done more accurately and with an improved fit in the mouth. The time required for making accurate impressions of a patient’s teeth is greatly reduced with iTero. Gone are the days when a dentist needed to take impressions multiple times. We now have a much faster delivery of a personalised orthodontic treatment for every patient at Walton Dental Surgery. The patient’s treatment experience is even more comfortable. Messy impression material is no longer used, and the patient can breathe normally during the digital 3D scan. The 3D images created with the iTero scanner can be seen immediately onscreen by both the patient as well as the dentist. Research has shown that with iTero between 20 to 30 minutes per patient are saved versus the traditional methods of getting an accurate mould. Furthermore, there is a time saving of another half an hour per patient for adjustments later, because the digitally produced form is accurate. This means that the patient spends lesser time in the dental chair and receives a more comfortable and accurate treatment. For some orthodontic treatment, such as teeth-straightening with aligners, iTero also offers an outcome simulator that gives orthodontists and patients a preview of the potential results of the patient’s straightened or realigned teeth even before they start with the treatment. Here are the main benefits that we are giving to our patients by using the iTero scanner:
  • Accurately scan all the teeth in the mouth with no guesswork for missing teeth dimensions.
  • Reduce patient seating time in the dental chair by 22 percent.
  • Provide decidedly accurate dental restorations by using precision-milled models.
  • Remove the discomfort of using gel in the mouth for taking dental impressions.
  • Deliver immediate, high-impact 3D images to help patients decide on treatment option.
The iTero system has been designed to be compatible with Invisalign braces. The digital scanner makes it possible to create more accurate aligners, which also reduces the number of aligners required overall by patients. The iTero scanner is used for both dental implant treatment as well as teeth-straightening orthodontic treatment. The digital scans from iTero can be sent directly to a lab using a secure internet connection, so that the dental technicians can collaborate online with the dentist and improve overall productivity and speed of treatment delivery. The process of using iTero is very safe. The digital system does not utilise x-ray radiation because the scanner uses laser light to generate the images. The process is friendly to the environment and does not leave any unpleasant taste in the patient’s mouth. The patient will not need to have his or her teeth cleaned after the scanning procedure with iTero. The benefits of iTero are many for the dental clinicians as well as the patients. It gives a precise fit for dental crowns, dental veneers and dental bridges in less time than the traditional method of taking impressions, and the need for taking impressions multiple times is eliminated. The overall patient experience is demonstrably better. We invite you to book an appointment at Walton Dental Surgery and experience first-hand a faster, more comfortable and more precise dental treatment.