Dental Plan

Membership with Benefits

Get discount on covered dental treatments and spread the costs with affordable monthly payments.

Membership Plan

At Walton Dental we recognize the importance of prevention, and we believe that every patient is uniquely different and deserves a tailored treatment based on individual needs. 

Regular dental check-ups and supportive periodontal care are fundamental in achieving and maintaining oral health. With this in mind, we have put together a plan that is unique to Walton Dental patients and tailored to your individual needs 

When you join one of our plans the cost of your regular appointments is spread throughout the year so you don’t have to pay at each visit. In fact, the cost works out at just a few affordable pence per day. As a Plan member you will also enjoy reductions in the cost of dental treatment when required. 

The charges for private dental care under these plans are comparably competitive and the cost is spread into 12 monthly direct debit payments.  

By agreeing to the plan, you will also receive additional benefits, priority service and Worldwide Accident & Emergency Dental Insurance, at no additional cost.   

Adult Plans

There are two options for our Adult Dental Plans that we offer, these are based on individual needs and budgets and are as follows:

Plan A

Plan B

Children Plans

There are two options for our children’s dental plans that we offer. These are based on individual needs and budgets and are as follows:

Children 0-3

Children 4-18

Please note there is a £10.00 administration fee for joining a plan, this will be taken as part of your first monthly payment

What does the worldwide accident & emergency insurance cover?

The purpose of this policy is to provide an insured person with dental services as described here after during the period of cover for treatment of dental conditions by a dentist.

Emergency treatment benefits:

  • We will pay for emergency treatment up to the maximum value of £500 per incident, up to £2000 for the year.
  • Treatment following an accident. If an insured person requires treatment following an accident occurring during the period of cover, benefit will be paid for the cost of such treatment up to the limits specified, up to a maximum annual aggregate of £12,000.
  • The insurance also provides hospital cash benefit, oral cancer benefit & permanent facial disfigurement.

Please also note payments will come out on the 1st of every month and the cut-off date to join the plan will be the 13th of the preceding month.

If you would like to take advantage of the reduced treatment costs and additional benefits and choose to join one of our plans, please click on the button below to get started.