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Six Month Smiles is reflective of its name – it gives straighter front teeth in 6 months on average. If you don’t want to wear an orthodontic device for a long time, this would provide a solution for that.


Six Month Smiles braces are an alternative to conventional braces that are made out of clear brackets & white wires. The orthodontic device has won awards and it straightens your teeth in about 6 months – give or take a few months.


The Six Month Smiles braces are not as visible or unsightly as the metal braces. The braces are made of see-through plastic and the wire is of white colour. Hence, not completely invisible, yet, it’s definitely far more discreet than traditional braces. It’s an extremely quick and effective orthodontic solution to treat front teeth problems.


In providing pioneering orthodontics treatments, we combine inventiveness, latest materials and proven orthodontic techniques. Six Month Smiles are a modification whereby the best factors of conventional metal braces are taken and through the use of different materials made more acceptable by blending in with the colour of your teeth. This system bypasses the wearing of visible metal braces for years.

Six Month Smiles system was first introduced in the US, where they gained popularity. Now, this system is also gaining grounds in the UK as an affordable orthodontic device to straighten teeth in a short period of time.


We are skilful and amply qualified to assess, image and finally fit you with Six Month Smiles to correct your teeth. We deliver exceptional results. If you are looking to bring about an attractive smile in 6 months on average, talk to us and find out if Six Month Smiles is the right treatment for you.

Your case will be processed by our highly trained and skilled and experienced dental clinician – helping you to get your perfect smile is our highest priority.

If you are looking for a straighter smile in six months on average, get in touch with us and get an assessment done to establish if Six Month Smiles is the right treatment for you.




Can teeth be straightened in six months?

The Six Month Smiles is a system that uses the advanced dentistry technology to re-position your teeth in a safe and quick manner. To do this, specially designed titanium wires are fitted to your teeth, creating the best smile for you.

Does it really take only six months?

The treatment takes six months on average. But, due to your individual dental situation, the time could vary. Treatments mostly take four to nine months to complete but it takes approximately six months on average.

Are the braces conspicuous?

No, they are not – they are made to look discreet, the braces and wires having the same colouration as your teeth. You’ll be shown how they look like during your free consultation with us at Walton Dental Surgery.

Are Six Month Smiles® braces more comfortable than regular braces?

Many people think that the accelerated treatment means simply ‘tightening’ regular braces to get the teeth moving, but this is not true. Six Month Smiles® braces use low force to move teeth more comfortably and focus on the cosmetic appearance of your teeth rather than the position of your bite.

Do the Six Month Smiles braces do any damage to the teeth, root or gums?

The risks of teeth, root or gum damage are the same as with conventional orthodontics. Teeth are seldom extracted in this treatment and the force of Six Month Smiles braces is lower. So, it can be argued that the risks of oral damage are actually reduced.

Is a retainer needed?

Yes, you will have to wear a retainer to draw your teeth into the desired straight positions – as it is with all treatments to straighten teeth. If the removable retainer is not sometthing you can accept, the we will give you a bonded retainer – it’s all up to you and you can sort it out with our professional dental team. Your personal preference is paramount for us at Walton Dental Surgery.

Is the Six Month Smiles treatment suitable for me?

Most adults aged 18 and above are suitable for the Six Month Smiles system. This treatment improves your bite – fixing crooked or spaced teeth, involving non-major alteration. For more details, visit us and have a chat with us so that we can give you advice specific to your needs.

What are the costs for having the Six Month Smiles braces?

The whole cost estimate will be presented to you during the consultation. Due to treatment duration being relatively shorter in comparison with conventional braces, the cost is typically lower.