After visiting Walton Dental Surgery, you will notice that our high standards of service pervade through all layers of our dental practice – equipment, technical amenities to our fully trained and qualified staff.

We have been receiving positive online reviews from our patients on Google as well as Facebook.


In your journey towards optimum oral health with us, you will be treated with the utmost sensitivity, understanding, and professionalism – your every need will be looked into and taken care of.

At Walton dental surgery, we are attentive to our patients’ oral health needs & goals. We are all about getting to know what you want to have done by availing our dental procedures. It doesn’t matter if you wish to fix uneven teeth, replace missing teeth or whiten them, we have it covered for you with a personalised treatment approach that takes care of your dental needs.

We render exceptional customer service. After establishing your dental needs, you will be offered advice and options. Based on that, you decide on how to progress. Once you have arrived at a decision, we work efficiently to ensure quick treatment completion while we adhere to the highest of standards. Comfort and convenience will accompany you every step of the way.

We bring the latest technology and expertise to you 

We stay abreast on latest dental treatments with ongoing professional training, and we build your ideal smile employing the latest treatment and technological advancements.

We are very transparent about the costs involved in any dental work that we do for you. We disclose the price early on. You have our dental work guaranteed for a minimum of a year. We accept cancellations with a 24-hour notice without charging a cancellation fee.


We listen to your dental goals and no matter if it’s getting a straighter smile, improving teeth whiteness or fixing a broken tooth, we are absolutely attentive. A custom plan that addresses your needs directly is then created carefully by us.


The aim to build enduring bond with our patients and also recognise that both us and the patient contribute – and we highly appreciate your cooperation in:

  • On-time arrival for appointments

  • Adherence to our instructions about the work we did

  • Showing up for the maintenance appointments

  • Timely pay for the treatments received

  • Communicate with us, give us feedback, testimonials and offer suggestions so that we can continue to polish and improve our services

  • Recommend our clinic to those you know and help us grow

  • We always appreciate being mutually courteous and respectful towards each other