Dental crowns, also called dental caps, is the replacement of damaged discoloured or heavily filled teeth with a porcelain or a resin layer. A dental crown restores the full functionality and cosmetic appearance of the tooth. We offer crowns only after careful clinical and Radiographic assessment as it is important to understand that the procedure of preparing the tooth for a crown is irreversible and also that there can sometimes be long term consequences of poorly planned or implemented crown work.


With the passage of time, one’s teeth succumb to the wear and tear of modern day life and foods. Teeth can become worn out and some teeth may become chipped or damaged. Dental crowns are put on top of a damaged tooth to restore both the natural appearance as well as the functionality of your tooth.

At our Practice we propose crowns only after careful clinical examination and X-Rays. The usual reasons for a crown preparation of a tooth are

  • Give protection to a tooth from decay.
  • Bring back the normal functionality of a broken, fractured or chipped tooth.


Dental crowns bring back the full functionality of a damaged tooth and they look just like a normal tooth. Crowns made out of porcelain material are durable and strong and they also look just at home among your other teeth. No one will be able to spot them and you can smile with full confidence.


Your comfort is paramount for us at Walton Dental Surgery. We provide a calm and understanding environment to our clients. You will know that you are in safe hands, once you come to visit us.


Dental crowns are fitted over a series of appointments. We have to first prepare your damaged tooth, so it can receive the crown.


After that, we take impressions of your teeth, so that the crown will be created to fit properly between the surrounding teeth. We also determine the colour of the surrounding teeth, so that the crown will also have the same colour and will not look out of place. This information is passed on to our dental laboratory.


We will place a temporary crown over the affected tooth in-between appointments.

After receiving your crown, we need a final appointment with you to place and secure a permanent fit for your crown. You will be pleased to see how your crown works and looks just like a normal tooth.